We offer guard service anywhere in California.  We are available to escort and protect you or your clients to where ever they travel around the glove.

We have provided security to Presidents as well as protecting parking lots.  When George Bush came to sunny southern California, we were honored to be involved in this rare opportunity to protect the President of The United States.  When Mikhail Gorbachev, President of the Soviet Union visited southern California we had the honor of providing body guards for  his visit. During the L.A. Riots a brave group of M.P.P. Bodyguards risked their lives to protect people, property and yes even parking lots.  We received letters of recognition for heroism from local police departments: a rare event for a security firm.

The quality of our service is demonstrated by the retention rate among M.P.P. Bodyguards clients and is one of the highest of any security firm.  We work had for our long lasting clientele and it is important to us.  Responding to our clients needs above and beyond expectations is our standard.  We will work hard for you to protect you and your property.

We listen to our clients and respond by providing honest, reliable and provide specially trained guards to meet their need

Thank you for choosing M.P.P. Bodyguards.


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