MPP Security & Bodyguards is a licensed and fully insured private security company that specializes in providing professional, dependable, qualified officers, and customer service to its clients. The owner has been involved in the security business since 1982. he began this company in 1989, to provide an honest, superior security service dedicated to providing better than average guard service. He accomplish this by being directly involved with all facets of management, realizing that our client's satisfaction depends on each and every officer's performance. Prior to starting MPP Security and Bodyguards, he spent 4 years in the United States Air Force as a Military Police Officer, having top secret Security clearance and providing law and order within all military facilities. After receiving his Honorable Discharge, he teamed up with his brother, a young entrepreneur already established in the business world. Together they created with a vast knowledge of security and management, one of the most unique and finest security companies in Southern California. As a result of the combined experience, their expertise now lies in accurately determining what is required to provide absolute protection in any given situation.

MPP is dedicated to hiring Veterans with 80% of our staff being veterans of the United States Military.  We appreciate the sacrifice's they made for us and believe In them. By hiring MPP Security your are hiring a Veteran.

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